Featuring various communities from six different regions (NCR, CALABARZON, Bicol, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, and Davao) all over the Philippines, this 3-part series of videos documents and consolidates the Homeless People’s Federation and its partner organizations’ decades of experience to provide a guide for communities and groups planning to embark on their own community-led, collective housing projects.

Bayanihang PAbahay: HPFPI's Community Organizing and Land Acquisition Process

In the face of increasing land prices, how can low-income communities buy land for themselves?

The first video details the steps that communities have to go through to acquire their land, including registering as formal associations, conducting land research to identify possible resettlement sites, and identifying financing options that will fund their projects. At the center of the HPFPI’s organizing process is the ‘community savings program’ in which community members save and pool their resources so that they can achieve their dream of land tenure security together. 

Bayanihang PAbahay: HPFPI's Housing Design and Construction Process

What does an ideal community look like for people, and how can we bring this into the housing plans and designs created by technical professionals?

The second of the 3-part series of videos on the collective housing process of the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines (HPFPI) brings into focus participatory methods of site planning, housing design, and construction which position community members not as beneficiaries of support, but as key partners and decision-makers in the housing process. People from the communities are involved from the planning stage all the way to the implementation and construction stage, working hand in hand with technical professionals, academics, and government officials to bring their dream houses to life.

Bayanihang PAbahay: HPFPI's Partnership-building Strategies

How does a community sustain its success?

The third of the 3-part series of videos on the collective housing process of the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines (HPFPI) addresses this question through one key strategy: partnership-building. Watch how communities of the Federation entered into formal partnerships with their local governments, sought accreditation from various national agencies, and joined local development councils, all of which helped integrate them into the wider institutional structures of governance of their respective barangays and cities. They also established ties with non-government partners such as other civil society organizations and academic institutions, forming local networks of change whose impacts ripple beyond the project.