Region VII Projects

mandaue city

Mandaue Core Housing Pojects
Small Projects

Multi-purpose center & water refilling station: Sitio Mahayag Alliance of Structure Homeowners Association, Inc. (SMASH) 68 households. The community was able to purchase multi-purpose center to serve as venue for the members’ meetings, training activities, classroom for out of school youths and medical missions. SMASH members intend to construct the proposed water-refilling station in front of the building.

LAND FILL ACTIVITY: Malibu Matimco Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (MMVHAI) 311 households.

MMVHAI, Mandaue, Cebu
LTHAI, Mandaue, Cebu
PAKNAAN, Mandaue, Cebu

talisay city, cebu

Communal Toilet with Hand Pumps and water reservoir: Salvador Urban Poor Association, Inc. (SALUPA) for 120 households. This six-door communal toilet was completed in early 2011 and the community members are collecting 2 pesos for each use of the toilet from those who did not participate in the loan. The community is currently undertaking the construction of a water reservoir.

Water System Connection: Atisan Seaside Homeowners Association, Inc., (ASHAI) for 45 households. The  existing water hand pump of the community will be replaced by an electric jet pump with which comes a 5,000-liter water tank. Also included in the proposed project is access to a communal water connection from the Metro Cebu Water District.