project supervision and mentoring

As noted above, it is the HPFPI who assumes direct responsibility for the projects they decide to embark upon on the basis of needs and available resources. Yet, PACSII’s supervisory and monitoring role happens in the different phases and areas of project development:

Identification of the Problem to be Addressed: The HOAs or the Community Associations are the ones who initiate their own projects in response to the needs or problems they identify in their communities. Considering that there are normally several or a lot of issues or problems that need to be addressed, a certain process of prioritization has to happen. If the projects would require some financial support from outside of their communities, they could present and submit a project proposal to government or to a funding institution.

Project Conceptualization and Proposal: PACSII normally mentors the HPFPI in the writing of their project proposals defining the background, the objectives, the mechanics, and logistics involved. In normal circumstances, the funding institutions would require PACSII to support such initiatives by way of serving as the fund-holder. When the project proposal gets approval, PACSII along the HPFPI would sign a Memorandum of Agreement.

Project Planning, Execution, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation: When a particular project gets approved with the guaranteed financial support, PACSII, along with the other NGOs belonging to the Philippine Alliance, supervises the whole process from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project. Being community-led initiatives, the ones who are the key players are the members of the communities. TAMPEI conducts series of meetings with the homeless for the detailed designs based on the general concept that was approved. LINKBUILD sees the need to examine the actual aspects of the construction. If there is a need for some more funds needed for the project, CORE-ACTS may come to the picture to make the necessary arrangements.  PACSII puts the different aspects together based on proper reporting and monitoring, especially on the area of finance.   Considering that the release of funds comes in tranches according to the different phases of the project, PACSII ensures that proper reports are submitted according to what actually happens on the ground before PACSII releases the next of funds.