fund and resource mobilization

The organization follows a Finance Management System that is based on the principles of accountability, transparency, resourcefulness and sustainability. Any transactions are backed up by receipts, while reports, like liquidation reports, financial statements, etc. form part of the regular monthly routine.

Savings Mobilization: The HPFPI normally holds and manages its own funds in the different levels of the organization. Since its beginnings, the communities of the federation are required to do their savings. The savings mobilization of each community has empowered the people to address a good number of their concerns.

Fund Sourcing and Management: But for some other needs and bigger projects, PACSII has also served the HPFPI, in the area of fund and resource mobilization. As mentioned above, PACSII facilitates in the writing of the project proposal of the HPFPI and assumes the responsibility of managing some of the funds of the federation, depending on the requirement of the funding institution.

Fund Raising Activities: During particular crisis, when critical intervention becomes necessary, PACSII has embarked upon fund-raising activities in order to address certain needs of the affected communities. This happens when there is fire in the neighborhoods, or when a particular region gets hit by a strong typhoon or storms surge, or earthquake. The COVID 19 crisis pandemic has hit all the communities and has forced PACSII to mobilize funds to provide financial and material resources to communities, whose savings could not sustain the needs of the community during the two months enhanced community quarantine or lockdown.